The concept Chauffeur malouin

In France, private-hired cars drivers (in french VTC : véhicule de transport avec chauffeur) are subjected to installation and operating requirements :

  • Professional competence

  • Continuing training

  • Mandatory prior booking

  • Professional reliability and quality service

Registration to the VTC register is compulsory for an individual or legal entity located in France in order to operate private-hire cars. It has to be renewed every 5 years.

A specific car insurance policy for transportation of customers is mandatory and must be held on board and presented on the occasion of any inspection.

The vehicle shall be submitted to an annual technical inspection.


Private-hired car drivers can only take charge of a client a prior booking has been made.

Parking or circulating on public roads to look for potential clients is forbidden. Only taxis are allowed to take charge of these immediate clients needs.

The prior booking has to be justified with a paper or any electronic support containing the following information :

  • For a company : name of the agent or the company, address and contact details of the company

  • For a private client : name and phone number

  • Date and hour related to the booking

  • Date, time and place of meeting with client.

Electronic marauding using geolocation-based applications enabling clients to locate available private-hire cars is forbidden.


The total price of the transportation service can be :

  • Either a package price

  • Or calculated on the basis of the journey time and distance.

Our services are subjected to fixed and previously announced prices.

Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo
Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo
Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo