Business and Society

Malo driver ensures your business trips, your employees, when entertaining, seminars, ...

Travel agency

Malo driver transports your customers a tour group or family

Association / Club / Recreation Center

On the occasion of your sporting events, events, exit ... we offer a transfer service for the provision of a car

Hotel / concierge

Transfers airports, stations, provision of a car with driver ... Offer your customers the best transportation services.

Event agency

We provide transportation for your guests at your events, gala, conventions ...

Seniors residence

We provide transportation of your residents during an appointment to visit a close

Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo
Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo
Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo
Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo

Companies / Companies
Provision - Transfer

Concerned about our brand image, we can guarantee yours because our only goal: your satisfaction.

Our experienced driver will be professional and discreet to ensure the transport of your employees and customers ... we take care of them on arrival at the airport, at the station or at their hotel, in the office and Ensure their movements

So offer your employees a quality service.

Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo

Hotels / Concierge
Hotels / Concierge

Always anxious to guarantee your brand image, we strive to bring you a quality service in which we go professionalism and reactivity.

We ensure all types of missions that can meet your expectations

Transfer of luggage *
Pick-up at airports and train stations *
tourist circuit *
Provision of a vehicle with driver *

Do not hesitate to formulate your request, we are listening to you.

Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo

Travel agency / Tour operator

You organize seminars, trips, excursions ... you want to make available to your customers a transport service!

When you leave by coach, depending on your pick-up points, we can take care of your customers (in the form of a relay with your driver) in order to reduce his taxiing time.

Chauffeur Malouin is at your disposal to meet your needs.
Do not hesitate, call our services.

Votre chauffeur VTC à Saint-Malo

Association / Sports club / Leisure center

For a sporting event, an outing with a group of children, ... opt for a transport service in peace.

A dinner in the restaurant, a night in a discotheque after your meeting, we have at your disposal a vehicle with professional driver and discreet.

Chauffeur Malouin always listening to you will do everything possible to satisfy your request.